Sweet Celebrations Specialty Spa Features

There are certain things everyone should look for in a children's spa. With a different clientele, kids spa parties demand different services that accommodate both the enthusiasm and safety of your little one. Unlike with traditional spas, Sweet Celebrations offers children a place to speak as loud as they want in a venue filled with caring staff members and free of toxic chemicals. These are just a few of the specialty spa services and features that sets Sweet Celebrations apart from other spa venues.

1. Little ones get the chance to soak feet in warm, bejeweled water. At Sweet Celebrations kids’ party venue, we add massage marbles, rose petals, and glimmering stones to make the experience all the more glamorous.

2. After feet are cozy and clean from the soak, Sweet Celebrations uses a customized blend of sugar, essential oils, and baby oil to exfoliate. We make our specialty blend fresh before every spa party!

3. Temple massages are our signature treat! Even for kids, the stresses of homework, recess, and chores all seem to manifest in the temples. If you book a Spa Party at Sweet Celebrations, our staff will offer to release this tension with an aromatic and relaxing temple massage.

4. Manicures, oh my! Our staff paints the nails of every guest that comes into our party place. In our glamourous kids salon, we use a refreshing coconut scented ‘quick dry’ nail treatment to ensure that your kid can get their hands right back into the fun as soon as possible.

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Our Hours (by party booking only)

Wed - Fri: 5-6:30 pm or 7-8:30 pm
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2 - 3:30 pm, 4 - 5:30 pm, 6-7:30 pm

Party Preview Tours are available by appointment only. Please email Info@SweetCelebrationParties.com to schedule a tour.

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